Why Robert?

Robert believes that, when it comes to Vancouver’s education system, diplomacymediation and leadership are vital. For many years, he worked as a diplomat representing Canada overseas in China and Southeast Asia. Since returning home, Rob has worked as a mediator, adjudicator, and international education consultant. He has been appointed to Vancouver’s LGBTQ Advisory Committee, and is a promoter and supporter of the local arts scene.

"I am passionate about education."

 Robert is adamant that the school board be truly non-partisan and that governance should focus on putting the needs of the students before politics. 
If elected, Robert will use his mediation and diplomatic skills to ensure that steady, strong and effective leadership returns to the governance of the Vancouver School Board.

"My priority is to ensure that the seismic upgrading program moves ahead in the district, so that students, staff and neighbours can rely on safe, strong facilities if and when they are needed."

An ongoing commitment...

Robert will also push for the long promised and overly delayed elementary schools in the Olympic Village and Coal Harbour neighbourhoods. He will ensure any new schools are effectively sized to match their catchment populations.

As a diplomat for Canada in China and Vietnam, Robert fully understands the value of cultural and linguistic studies in the school system, and will advocate for a curriculum that ensures Vancouver students are well prepared to assume their place on the global stage.

As a champion of the arts in Vancouver, Robert has served as director of the Dance Centre, the Vancouver International Comedy Festival, and the Radical Arts Dance Society. He understands first hand the value of a strong arts and cultural infused education for the students of Vancouver.

Robert is an advocate of life-long learning, and currently works with Academics Without Borders, helping to rebuild the educational infrastructure of countries that have undergone civil strife. He is also working with Toronto’s Mt Sinai hospital in Ethiopia on an education project for health workers treating mental health patients. Rob is also a member of the Health Professions Review Board, where he acts as mediator and decision maker, handling complaints against health professionals in BC.

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"I have been appointed twice to the City of Vancouver’s LGBTQ Advisory Committee, and will stand up to bullying, at any level, in the Vancouver educational system."

A dedicated and passionate leader...

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